Most packages take on average anywhere between 7-20 days after purchase to arrive to you. However, arrival time of products highly depends on the country you intend to ship your item/s to and other factors that are out of our control. For more info, please view our Shipping Policy.

Shipping cost varies depending on the country you are in. For those shipping to the UK, the cost of shipping is free. Learn more here.

Our main warehouse is in Shenzhen, China. Therefore, most of our products will be safely packaged and shipped from there. Other places that your items can be shipped from are the UK, USA and Germany (depending on availability). You will be provided a tracking number to know exactly where your product will be coming from.


Before attempting to send an item back to us, please contact us first.

A CSR will reach out to you with instructions for you to return your product/s,

In order for you to receive a full refund:

1. The item must be returned within 7 days after receiving it.

2. The item must be in its original state and packaging. This means it should not be tampered with by you.

For further details refer to our Refund Policy.


PayPal is currently the only way you can shop with us.

We are working on providing other payment gateways.