The Benefits of Ceramic Drinkware

by Alouise Love

There are quite a number of drinkware items to choose from for the consumption of your favorite beverages. These range from materials to designs and each has their own benefits and disadvantages respectively. Many people have their preferences with respect to what they regularly drink in, while for others it's all about the occasion and the type of drink. 

For example: (for those who consume alcohol) when watching a football match some people prefer their beer in bottles, while others prefer cans. 

However, there's no doubt that ceramic is by far the best drinkware item to use, especially for hot drinks for a number of reasons: just ask tea lovers, they'll tell you. 



Ceramic mugs are made of natural resources such as clay and water, which are quite sustainable to state the least. These materials make ceramic mugs, whether it be stoneware, porcelain or earthenware undeniably the healthier choice for the consumption of your beverages. 

The hands of a lady beautifully molding the clay and water together to produce healthy drinking vessels.



Whether you consume cold or hot beverages in a cup or mug made of high-quality ceramic, the material does not break down or leak any harmful substances such as carcinogens into your drink. Carcinogens such as lead is dangerous to the body and can cause untreatable diseases if found too late. By using high-quality ceramic cups and mugs for your coffee, tea, milk or any drink you desire, you undoubtedly reduce the risk of developing cancer or any other unwanted body ailments from a drinkware item. 


Environmentally Friendly

Although, during the production process of creating ceramic mugs, they are fired at high temperatures which uses a high percentage of energy, the energy is considerably less during the life span of a sustainable high quality porcelain mug: making ceramic mugs carbon neutral. This is in respect to the fact that once taken care of properly ceramic mugs can lasts quite a number of years in one piece.  

A beautiful path surrounded by sunlight and green trees

At the end of a ceramic mug's lifespan there are a number options you can have depending on the manner in which the mug's life was ended. Assuming, that the mug is in one piece, and you are just in need of a change of kitchenware, you can store valuable items in them, use them for planting, re-sell them and so on. 

On the hand, if the mug has a sad end, that is, it becomes broken or chipped, before you cautiously throw it out you can contact recycling companies that may be able to take the mug in. This may be a bit difficult depending on the country or state that you are in. However, it's worth a try in keeping the environment safe. 

These facts, validate the point that ceramic mugs are eco-friendly and are the safest drinkware items to use (with caution). 


Saves Money

Yes, ceramic mugs and cups can be seen as long-term money saving options because of the value of durability and reusability they bring. They are quite delicate so these values will have to be maintained by you (the owner). 

A photo by Alexander Mils showing someone hands holding US dollars.

It is simply done by the way you preserve the lifespan of the ceramic mugs, by your method of washing, storing and using them. This should go without stating but, you should be cautious with them.  

Compared to the amount of cash you will spend on disposable cups over a particular period of time, buying just one or two ceramic mugs that you can re-use anywhere will cost you significantly less in the long run. 

Have you ever been to your grandma's house and observe the value she places on her good ceramics? She uses them but she also preserves them quite admirably. 


Maintains Temperature

Ceramic mugs are a great choice when drinking hot beverages such as coffee and tea because they keep your drink hotter/warmer for longer periods of time. They achieve this beautiful attribute through their heat insulating ability.

Ceramic mugs have a high level of insulating properties which allows the temperature of a beverage (hot or cold) to be evenly distributed throughout the contents within the mug. There is a bit of science behind this ability which has to do with the rate of the processes of conduction and convection. 

Blue-grey personal coffee mug with a unique handle having hot water poured into it.

Conduction simple put is the transfer of heat from one material to the other. This is what happens when you place your hot/warm coffee or tea in a ceramic mug, where the the heat of the coffee is transferred to the mug. However, this is quite a slow process in ceramic mugs, which enables the contents inside the mug to stay hotter for longer periods and thus, ceramic mugs have a high heat capacity rate. 

Convection is the transfer of heat through liquids in an up and down movement, where the hotter liquid or substance will be pushed to the top and the cooler liquid or substance will move to the bottom of the cup. This is also a slow process in ceramic cups and mugs, and the slow rate helps with the ability of the ceramic mug to maintain a constant heat/temperature of a beverage.  


Better Taste

In order to get the best taste out of your favorite brew, a ceramic mug should be your choice of drinking material. Ceramics are quite neutral in nature which means it does not impact the flavor of coffee or tea in anyway, allowing you to enjoy the full taste of your favorite hot beverage the way it was meant to be.

A lady drinking her coffee from a red mug while being happy Another aspect of the neutral property of ceramic mugs is the fact that they don't absorb or keep scents. 

Why is this important?

Well, the complex nature in which us humans perceive taste has a number of factors. One of the biggest factors is scent. If something smells good we subconsciously believe it will taste better. Which is what occurs with a ceramic mug, where the scent we get when using one is the actual scent of the contents within the mug. 

This cannot be stated for other drinking materials that tend to alter the scent and taste of our favorite brew. 


Appliances Friendly

Ceramics are safe to use in microwaves, dishwashers and ovens, although we won't recommend regularly using them in those manner if you want to increase the longevity of your mug. Nonetheless, you can always reheat your cup of coffee or tea in the microwave with minimal worry.

As long as the ceramic mug is made of high quality pure ceramic and not mixed with any other material like metal or wood, then you can rely on the strength and durability of the mug to be able to withstand heat. 


Fine Dining

Porcelain mugs and cups are quite elegant and appealing to look at. When matched with the perfect houseware items such as saucers, plates and utensils they create an atmosphere like no other. 

Think about the times you are setting the breakfast table, your set up would be incomplete without fine ceramic mugs or cups. 


Comfort and Experience

Ceramic mugs are typically used in the comfort of our homes and makes for a great afternoon tea time experience. We create and reserve a particular time of the day where we can relax and enjoy our great brew in our favorite mugs. Most of us use this for alone time, while some use it for indulging in beautiful conversations with others. 

A photo of an elderly couple enjoying each other's company while drinking from their respective mugs.

Whatever you use the time for, you must admit, you enjoy it ten times better while using your favorite ceramic mug. 

Ceramic mugs simply bring a feeling of elegance and warmth that allows you to enjoy wonderful moments and unexplainable feelings of pleasure


Ceramic drinkware is the best dinking vessel you can buy, and rely on it's ability to satisfy. They are fantastic delicate gems that once taken care of properly they will last many years without losing quality. 

Good ceramic drinking vessels are elegant in nature and brings value to you. It's no wonder, the older generations have quite a unique love for fine ceramics

Share with us your thoughts and let us know if you have any favorite ceramic mugs that you are quite fond of.

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