The History of Coffee

The History of Coffee

Coffee is a delicious drink that many of us enjoy daily, ranging from the healthy consumption of black coffee to the wonderful taste of caramel latté. We consume coffee so much that sometimes it's hard to think about life without it. The well brewed drink that enchants us with its strong aroma is an acceptable drink in all parts of the world. The captivating thought of being energized by a hot latté in the morning or gaining fuel during the mid hours of the day by an iced coffee is enough to have our taste buds craving for caffeine. However, have you ever wondered where coffee came from and when was the first drink ever made?



Origin of Coffee

Coffee was discovered by an accident more or less. It was through a crazy observation by Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder in the 9th century. He noticed that his goats enjoyed the fruits (berries) of a plant quite a lot. However, whenever the goats consumed the berries they would be highly energetic during the night hours. This was the first ever recorded theory that suggested coffee can cause sleeplessness. Does this mean goats were the first to love the taste of coffee, though it was not quite considered coffee?

Kaldi later shared his observations among monks. Some were huge skeptics about the effects of the fruit, while others believed and tested the theory themselves. The monks that did test the theory were quite pleased with the results as the ''energetic berry'' allowed them to stay up and meditate. The news of the wonder fruit took centuries to spread, but when it did there was no stopping the evolution of how to consume the wonder fruit.  



The First Coffee Drink

Word of the wonder fruit was eventually picked up in the Asian continent, specifically Yemen in the 15th century. This lead to the coffee trade of the Arabian Peninsula where the trade took place on the port of Mocha in Yemen. Later, during the very same century coffee cultivation started taking place in Yemen. With all of the developments in coffee trades, the first coffee drink was very much referred to as a coffee wine developed by monks in southern Yemen during the later months of the 15th century. The wine was made through a roasting and somewhat brewing process but it was not quite what we know today. Therefore, Yemen was where the first ever coffee drink was ever made. 



The First Coffeehouse

The dark brown drink spread to other Asian countries such as Turkey and Serbia along with coffee beans. This led to the creating of a semi-modern social life where pubs began serving the beautiful brewed drink. This tasty drink allowed people to open up and enjoy conversations, more or less what we do today on our coffee dates. However, it was not until the 16th century when the first coffeehouse (café) was established in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey

In the 17th century many more coffeehouses began opening throughout the eastern side of the world. Although, there were many critics in the European countries about coffee, many penny seekers of England, France, Germany and Holland began opening many coffeehouses. In these areas coffee quickly became the number one drink replacing tea and alcohol. This new energy drink helped many people be more alert and enjoy the company of others. 

The Western World and Coffee

Today it is known that many westerners prefer coffee over tea. However, this was not the case when coffee was first introduced to the Americas by the British, mainly New York in the mid to late 17th century. It took the protest known as the Boston Tea Party in the 18th century for Americans to grow a preference for coffee as opposed to tea. This occurred because of the tax that was implemented on tea. 


There were many revolutions and bans around coffee. However, today it remains the most popular drink with more and more coffeehouses opening around the world. Coffee moved from being a fruit that people chewed to the many different types of delicious drinks we know and enjoy today.


Coffee had a great journey and possibly many more to come. It started off in Africa (Ethiopia) and was controlled by the Asian countries mainly Yemen for many years. However, today Brazil is known as the empire of coffee as they produce the largest amount of coffee world wide. 

There is no doubt coffee is the most addicting drink in the world having over 20 different types of coffee drinks. 


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