Politique d'expédition

We do not ship to every country. We are currently working on finding ways to provide our products for everyone without charging shipping. This means that in the future our products would be shipped to every country for free. We are sorry to the persons that we are unable to reach.

Shipping Fees For Countries We Ship To

We charge a flat shipping fee in USD for products to reach our customers. However, this fee varies depending on the region of the country. The fees are our standard shipping fee for regions. The shipping fee may be different for certain products. 

N.B: Not all of our products are shipped to the countries listed below. 

The following tables represent our average shipping fees for most products.

1. North America 

Country  Shipping Fee 
Canada Free
United States Free


2. Europe - $10.00

The United Kingdom - Free


Customers of the United Kingdom are responsible for paying import tax and handling customs regulation. You would not be charged for shipping from us, however, you are responsible for getting your goods cleared when they arrive at the UK.  


3. The Caribbean

Country  Shipping Fee
Bahamas $40.00
Trinidad and Tobago Free


4. Oceania

Country  Shipping Fee
Australia $7.00
New Zealand $7.00


5. South America $55




6. Asia $9.00

Saudi Arabia
South Korea
United Arab Emirates


What is a Flat Shipping Fee?

A flat shipping fee is a shipping cost that remains the same regardless of how many items a customer may order. An example of this is:

Let's assume Eden from Belgium purchased the following items;

1. Wooden mug 24.99

2.Stainless Steel Cup $34

3. Vintage Stoneware Cup $75.97

4. Porcelain Mug $36.78.

Then Eden's bill will be 24.99+34+75.97+36.78+shipping($10)=$181.74. Although, Eden ordered 4 items, he only paid 1 flat shipping fee. 


Shipping Time

The time it takes for a product to reach your destination varies. The shipping at Alouise Love takes on average 9-20 days. The shipping time could be more and it could be less. It is highly dependable on availability at a particular location at the time of an order. 

Shipping is carried out by air or sea. Most of our parcels will be directly shipped to our customers in some countries. We would provide a tracking number for you to be able to track your purchase on selected items.  

N.B: With regards to certain items and country regulations you may be responsible for import tax and custom clearance to your country. 





For full refunds you will receive 5.84% less on your original funds as PayPal charges a 5.84% non-refundable fee for transactions.

For more details on returns and refunds please see our Refund Policy


If you have any further questions please contact us via

Email: alouise@alouiselove.com

Instagram: @alouisestore

Facebook: Alouise Love