The Vital Rules of Christmas Shopping

by Alouise Love

The best time of the year is right around the corner and everyone knows how hectic this season can be. You can smell joy in the air and hear the wonderful Christmas songs playing over and over in your head. However, you also know that Santa isn't coming to your town, so you'll have to provide the Christmas presents yourself. 

Reindeers driving Santa on sleigh cross the moon in the winter night sky

But how will you? Are you planning to ride a sleigh and slide down chimneys come Christmas Eve night with random presents that no-one may need? Or are you planning on taking a more stable approach? 

Unless, you love the rush of adrenaline that comes with the hustle and bustle of last-minute shopping, you are better off following these 2 simple rules.  


Yes, I know there's no fun in that but it will prove to be quite vital. Ideally, you should get your plan prepared before the lovely month of December so that, your execution can be done smoothly. This gives you breathing room and a sense of calm to get the ideal presents for the big day. So go ahead and get your pens and books out and start the prepping process before it's too late.

A journal with a pen and a ceramic coffee mug just above it.

You should have a clear idea of who you are planning on shopping for this Christmas. Whether this be kids, lovers, mums, dads, co-workers or whomever it may be: it's vital to know.

Although, the jolly holiday is the time of giving, you really don't want to give terrible presents to anyone. Well, of course, unless you are feeling a lil Grinchy this year, then by all means you do you. As funny as it may be to see someone show up to a Christmas family gathering and hand out beautiful watch cases, only to open them and be surprised with a mint and a note with all the things they hate about you.

Jim Carrey's The Grinch from How The Grinch Stole Christmas

More importantly, I am 1000% certain you have no intentions of giving anyone the wrong impression or creating a bad Christmas memory for them. Therefore, with all the wonderful people on your list you should have a pretty good idea of the type of relationship you have with them and the things they love and adore. See why this is essential here

Now that you know who those lucky individuals are, that have made it to your nice list: it's about what you are going to get them and where you'll find it. 

Next to each name on your list make a note of the type of present you are interested in purchasing and browse shops both online and off that provide such presents. 

Early Execution

Provided that you made your clear plan and you are ready to execute be sure to make your Christmas shopping early. Being part of the last-minute rush can be quite exciting and fun. I sometimes, do find myself in situations like this where the thrill, eagerness and provide excite but it's better to avoid the chills for now. 

Shopping at least 3 weeks before Christmas can be quite beneficial. Well, it has no doubt worked for me many times. By doing so you will avoid many problems including:

Your present is unavailable or has been sold out.

With respect to the nature of the holiday and the massive increase in shopping, many items especially gift items quickly become snatched up by millions of shoppers like and you and I.

A disappointed little boy sitting in a white and a hat.

Have you ever been looking for a particular present for a kid, and think that you have finally found it, only to reach the store and be told that all have been sold out? You turn around and ask the sales rep when will more be coming or where can you get one? And the sales rep responds with a shrug stating they don't know. You know that feeling of disappointment you feel and the broken hope and sadness enforced upon the kid shouldn't be inevitable.

You are not too busy to get it done early. You, my friend, just need to prioritize a bit more. 

An increase in price

It's no surprise many retailers and shops raise their prices during this time. Some do so in tricky ways by enticing you with a sale, but are you really receiving a discount or increase in value? There can be a number of reasons for this increase, but I believe you'll be better off shopping at the regular price.  

Inferior presents

Yes, it doesn't matter what brand it may be or if you are a seasoned customer of a particular company; you should always pay close attention to what you are buying especially around this time of year. To compensate and meet the supply and cries of many shoppers, some companies have no problem in substituting quality for quantity. 

I cannot be the only one that received products from the same company I've been loyal to for years and realize during peak seasons they won't as effective as they ought to be. Please don't make that mistake again if you did already.

Disruption to transport and delivery

Yes, despite what you may think any disruption in transportation (shipping) affects both online and brick and mortar stores. 

It doesn't matter what country you are in, by now we should all know that there will be delays in arrival times of items during the busy winter (Christmas) season. This can be due to couriers being booked up, airlines having flight delays, weather interruptions and much more. No one wants to buy or receive a Christmas present after the scheduled time. It sort of dampens the mood a bit. 

Train running on a track. Photo by WT Pfefferle from Pexels

Many stores, couriers and transporting agencies will temporarily increase their cost of delivery to cope with the demands of the season. This will no doubt affect us all, as it could be the cause for some tangible products both online and off having an increase as well as the cost, we may have to incur to have them delivered to us. 

There can also be a mix up in delivery where you may receive something you never ordered or nothing at all, while someone else may be enjoying the rewards of having your items. 

Well, if you are like me you may want to start and complete your Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving arrives. 


I know you will have an easy shopping journey this season because you will be studious and follow guides provided above. All you have to do now is figure out what you will be doing with the amount of free time you have on your hands. Maybe you plan to travel or enjoy the time at home building beautiful snow crafts and enjoying great company while sharing laughs. No matter what it is, I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful new year.  


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